Russian Classes

Russian Courses in Montreal

What is the best way to learn Russian? Fabrika Language offers private and semi-private Russian classes in person or online. All levels are welcome! Whether you want to start learning Russian from scratch or improve on your current skills, we have a Russian teacher for you.

All our teachers are native speakers. They are backed by years of teaching experience and professional qualifications. Our teachers provide written and audiovisual materials and personalize the content of their courses according to your needs and your learning objectives.

Learn Russian in Montreal. Whether you are planning a business or leisure trip to Russia, looking to perfect your Russian conversation skills, overcoming the difficulties of advanced Russian, or looking to pass the TORFL examinations, our courses are for you.

Classes can take place at the location of your choice:

  • Online
  • Coffee shops
  • Tea houses
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Public places
  • At home
  • In your office

You book your own classes at your own pace, according to your own schedule and learning objectives. Classes are available at the time of your choice: mornings, afternoons or evenings, weekdays or weekends.

Choose the best Russian teacher for your needs and learn Russian without hassle. Start learning Russian now:

What people are saying

It was a great class. It reinvigorated me to study Russian grammar. She explains things very well and gives the needed examples to make it clear. I will definitely continue with this teacher.

MO, Montreal

I really liked my experience with this language course, which helped me a lot with my reading, writing and speaking skills. The teacher gave me a lot of practical examples and situations, and managed to adapt her classes very well to work on what I had trouble with. This has been a really helpful course, and I will definitely continue learning Russian with this teacher in the future.

RB, Montreal

Excellente professeure. Bien organisée. Matériel écrit très utile. Bonne méthode. Impressionnante connaissance des règles de grammaire. Sait répondre à toute question!

BE, Montreal

Excellent teacher, very attentive. She provides rich learning material, better than any textbooks I’ve come across! She is fun and it’s a pleasure to learn with her. Also, she is very helpful in helping to grasp a glimpse of the “Russian soul” buried in grammar rules 🙂 which is absolutely fantastic. She is at least trilingual which is super helpful as she can make informed comparisons between languages. A++, without any reservation.

AP, Quebec

Well prepared and on time. Listens and corrects mistakes . Materials chosen are relevant and interesting.

CB, Washington DC

Class well organized and teacher used relevant material.

CB, Washington DC

The classes are really great. I feel I am progressing well, although sometimes I have the impression that to really know Russian well is for me an impossible task. But she is very encouraging and optimistic. I will continue with these classes.

MO, Montreal

All was very helpful!! The teaching and the materials

MJ, Montreal

The class was very good and complete, the materials are very useful and the teacher is patient and attentive.

LB, Montreal

Listens closely and corrects mistakes. Provides interesting materials for reading practice and discussions. Lets me complete sentences before correcting. Good lessons.

CB, Washington DC

The Russian class is excellent. The teacher has so much energy and enthusiasm, and is always very prepared. She is able to make my three year old daughter feel comfortable, and makes learning fun.

KA, Montreal

The teacher is patient, good at identifying shortcomings in students and adapts well to fill those gaps. Under her tutelage, I have progressed significantly in a relatively short time, and have learned about Russian history and culture in the process!

CM, Montreal

Amazing teacher. She is patient, well prepared, speaks very clearly and uses examples with the student’s fields of interests making it easier to understand and relate to. I highly recommend her for both beginner or advanced students.

JB, Montreal

J’aime beaucoup mes cours. C’est un excellent professeur, elle est ponctuelle et toujours bien préparée. Nos leçons sont amusantes et le matériel qu’elle fourni est intéressant et adéquat!

AD, Montreal

Teacher is always punctual, prepared and prepares interesting lessons.

CB, Washington DC

Classes are really interesting! She’s always on time and always arrives well-prepared with plenty of different materials. She’s a really good teacher and knows how to adapt to your level and your learning speed.

QD, Montreal

Teacher is well prepared and makes lessons interesting to student. Variation in format of lesson is helpful in learning the language.

CB, Washington DC

Excellent teacher. It’s a pleasure to study with her. Her method and pace are perfectly adapted to my needs. The course is challenging enough, but rewarding a plenty. I intend on continuing working with Elena – my confidence in Russian is always growing.

IR, Montreal